East Darwin Storm Hockey Club is a club providing a comfortable social environment for families and hockey enthusiasts to keep fit and have a good time.

East Darwin Storm is known colloquially as Easts, Easties and now Storm.

The origins of the club started in 1954 with the joining of two teams the Regals and Southport.

East Darwin Storm has a strong community spirit and a passion for the game.

We have a strong base of state representatives of all ages and a Club full of experienced hockey players willing to impart their knowledge to all. Over the years East Darwin has seen a few changes in name and uniforms and is continually evolving as a club.

The name Storm was added to the club name in 2015.

Easts have teams playing in all NT Hockey’s Darwin Hockey League divisions from Under 8 all the way through to the top A grade seniors.


As an association the committee is the driving force behind the club. Run by volunteers the committee is responsible for:

  • Setting and collecting fee, responding to the clubs Constitution, handling complaints, providing overall direction for the club.

The current committee members are:

President: David Auld
Senior Vice President: Dan Wilde
Junior Vice President: Alan Hubbard
Secretary: Margaret Whatley
Treasurer: Fiona Tipping

General committee members:

Coaching co-coordinator: Vacant
Marketing/Newsletter: vacant

Feedback and Complaints

The committee is responsible for responding to feedback and complaints.

Contact the Junior or Senior Vice Presidents.


We have a history of more than 50 years. 

Origins beginning with the Regals and Southport Hockey teams in 1954 then Norths. Over the years East Darwin (more commonly known as Easts, Easties and now the Storm) has seen a few changes in name and uniforms over the years and is a continually changing club.

Life Members

East Darwin Storm is honoured to have a number of players be awarded Life Membership status. This elite club is made up of a range of players and supporters who have given invaluable contributions to the club.

We thank all our life members for their on-going commitment to our club.

Jo Angles

Details pending

Cathy Brown
  • Life Member and original member of Easts.
  • “Aunty” Cath as she is fondly known around the hockey centre.
  • Played goal for C Grade women until 2016
  • She is a dedicated member of the club and brings her grand children in from Howard Springs each weekend to play in the junior competition. 
  • All of Aunty Cath’s children display a natural ability in the sport much like our “icon”.
Gina Bell

Details pending

Mark Chin

Life membership awarded in 2012.

  • Long term Easts player, probably started around u16.
  • Played around 400 games in A grade.
  • Long term coach of the Mens B, also coached Women’s A.
  • Served on the Committee as Treasurer.
  • Played for the NT seniors and the junior grades, first started in u14 playing in the Qld state championships.
  • Influential in introducing the current core player system to prevent “stacking” of lower grades.
  • Current player


Terry Dunbar

Life membership awarded in 2013.

  • Has played with EDHC since the early 1970’s.
  • Won at least 5 Women’s A grade Best and Fairest awards from the mid 1970’s to the mid 1980’s.
  • First Coached EDHC juniors in 1984 and has coached for many years across many grades, including Women’s A grade.
  • Has been a consistent Umpire representing EDHC.
  • Served on the Executive Committee for at least 3 years in the early 1980’s.
  • Represented the NT at senior women’s level for at least 6 years from 1980.
  • Won EDHC Club Woman award in 1982.
  • Was a senior women’s coach for many years
Toni Edwards


Toni Johnston is a long-time member of EDHC. Helped get training sessions in the Palmerston area running in the past.

Royce Edwards

Royce Edwards – Life membership awarded in 1980

Patron of the club for 20 + years.

Host/organiser to numerous social, fundraiser, presentation evenings at the family home in Fannie Bay.

Supporter extraordinaire from the YCW days, through Norths and then Easts – always there giving encouragement.          

At the DHA/NTHA involved with organisation of the first 2 National Championships in Darwin and arranged the building of the goals   used to the specs set by the AHA. 

Most importantly he raised two sons who also played hockey for the club, Ken and Paul (Gunner).

The Edwards family name lives on in our club with son Paul and his children, Sam and Tom, who have all played for Easts for many years.

Chris 'Jock' Hochman
  • Life membership awarded in 2015.

  • Has played with EDHC since the early 1970’s.

  • Won at least 2 Men’s A grade Best and Fairest awards from the Late 1970’s to the early 1980’s.

  • Coached EDHC Men’s A grade for 2 years in 1989 and 1991, and has coached other grades on occasion.

  • Assisted coach Men’s A grade in 2014 and is the coach for 2015.

  • Served on the Executive Committee for at least 4 years during the mid 1980’s.

  • Represented the NT at senior Men’s level for a record 11 years from 1980.

  • Still a current player with EDHC.

Lodi Hoeben

Details pending

Marilyn Holt

Details pending

Roger Holt

Original member of Easts – recently retired from the C-Grade men’s competition. The Holt family is renown in the Darwin hockey completion with Roger’s son’s Steven and Dean and daughter Amanda all playing for Easts.

Andrew Hullick

Life membership awarded in 2010.

Trish Kunoth
  • Life member since 2009
    Started playing hockey for “Buffaoles in the 71-72 wet season comp, before that I played one game with a team at Nightcliff oval. Phil Platt was the coach at that time. Phil then started the “Buffaloes”. Buffaloes had two teams until “Tracy”.

1987 C grade B&F, 1988 C grade B&F, 1982 C grade B&F, 1996 C grade B&F, 1998 DHA B&F, 2005 DHA B&F.

Coached C and D grade women, U16 girls U13 girls U10 girls and U8 mixed. I coached C and D grade to premierships 1993, 1999.

Committee member as Junior Vice-President and Junior Co-ordinator.

Bob Reader
  • Life membership awarded in 2008.
  • Bob started playing for North’s in 1973 (the club name to subsequently changed its name to Easts) and has played from U11s right through all the grades.
  • Bob was player/coach of Premier League and has coached U10, U13, U16 boys; C, B, and A men; and B and A women.
Chris Reagan

Details pending

Dianne Schwartzkoff

Details pending

Peter Schwartzkoff

Life member – Peter coached the B-Grade women for many years he also played and was a former representative player. His daughter Fiona has played A-Grade for Easts.

Geoff Sharples

First started playing for Norths around 72 or 73, after playing in Alice Springs and Adelaide.

Was awarded best player in the Adelaide comp 2 years in 3, back when SA was a hockey powerhouse.

Was on the Norths Easts committees for a substantial period of time.

Coached Easts u16 boys when they had about 10 out of the 16 representative players that went away for the very first national titles.

Coached A men for numerous years

Arguably one of the best players to ever play for Easts.

Rumour has it that the SA selectors asked him to cut off his beard [his wife has never seen him without a beard] he refused and as a consequence was never selected for SA

David 'Frosty' Smith

Life membership awarded in 2015.

  • Has played with EDHC since the early 1970’s.
  • Won the Men’s A grade Best and Fairest award in 1988.
  • Coached juniors for many years during the 1970’s and 1980’s, and has also coached at senior level, including 2 years with Men’s A grade.
  • Served on the Executive Committee for at least 3 years.
  • Represented the NT at senior Men’s level for 7 years from 1980.
  • Won EDHC Club Man award in 1980 and 1986.
  • Still a current player with EDHC.
Lloyd Smith

Details pending

Terry Stafford

An original member of the YCW mens team in 1964 and President when club became Norths Hockey Club.

Coached some junior teams in the early days and mainly played C Grade as captain/coach. Editor of inaugural Sidelines weekly magazine. Awarded life membership in 1974 for many years service as a player, umpire and administrator.

With the changeover to dry season I opted to continue my involvement with rugby league and so this “one timer” inside right goal scorer became a hockey spectator only.

Terry now lives in Sandstone Point, Queensland.


Peter Stoner

Awarded Life Membership September 2004. Peter has played for Easts for many years, he was also a member of the committee and was President of the club. Peter’s sons David and Sam play A-Grade for Easts.

Di Trimble

Details pending

Coleen Harris

Coleen has been a passionate player and advocate for East Darwin Storm for most of her life. She commenced playing for Easts as an under 8 at the Alawa hockey fields, she has progressed through the junior years, playing seniors as an early teenager. She has provided countless hours of volunteer duties, from fundraisers to more recently coordinating the Hook into Hockey program.  Below we have outlined Coleen’s significant contributions and ongoing support to her beloved hockey club:-

  • Commenced playing at the club as an Under 8s, joining her 3 brothers, who were all avid hockey players.
  • As a teenager Coleen played both Juniors and Seniors, mainly in B grade but had the occasional A grade run.
  • There was a short defect over to Nightcliff University Tigers Hockey Club in 1997/98
  • Coleen then went travelling overseas for 2 years, returning in 2000.
  • Coleen has been back playing Seniors ever since.
  • Coleen has always been a key contributor to social and fundraising events – taking the lead in arranging many club and Bunnings BBQ’s and junior events.
  • She has taken the lead on coordinating many of the Junior presentation days, as well as support the Senior presentations, often run on the same days.
  • In 2017-2018 she ran the Hock into Hockey program, which was run outside of the key hockey times, on a weeknight. It saw her recruit players via the Schools, coordinate the set up at the School Ovals, train and manage all the children.
  • In 2018 she was awarded the Junior Club person of the year and the Coach’s Award
  • 2019 she is a beloved Coach of the Under 8, she is a dedicated coach, teaching them early skills, but also instilling in the kids her passion for the game.
  • Coleen is a valued member of the C grade ladies’ hockey, and while she is also the coach of the Under 8s, she is regularly seen providing back up coaching for the other junior teams.
  • Wet Season Hockey 6s social competition – Coleen has been organizing/coordinating many Parents & Kids teams from Easts junior ranks to be involved in out of season hockey
  • Seniors Indoor hockey – Coleen loves her indoor hockey so regularly organizes an Easts women’s C team
  • Senior Vice President 2013 – 2015 (as referenced from Eastwind)

Now in the twilight of my playing career, I enjoy playing alongside my son Patrick and with mates I played juniors with 35 years ago.  Apart from Easts, we also formed a team called the “Turtle Smugglers” and have had fun and success competing at the Alice Springs Masters Games since 2004.

Mark Chin

Player since 1972

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